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Costs of living on Margarita Island

Prices in Margarita Island are very cheap for tourists. You will find different exchange rates. Since the exchange rate fluctuates , Cela School will give you information and recommendations on the amount of money you will need to bring. You can contact us at .

Our prices include transportation to and from the school; and 3 excursions per week. In our host families we include breakfast and dinner every day except for Sundays. For lunch we choose low cost restaurants. Sometimes we cook local dishes at school and share the expenses.

Many of our weekend activities are low cost, such as beach trips, taking our food and drinks. We also join the local hiking club in some excursions. The tours organized by travel agencies have a discount for our students. The usually cost between US$ 30 and US$40.

A sample of some of prices:
Beer in a restaurant: US$ 1
Lunch in a cafeteria (buffet) US$ 4
Lunch in a restaurant by the sea (tip included) US$ 10
Dinner in a Gourmet Restaurant US$ 20
Minimum Taxi fare US$ 2