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Safety on Margarita Island

Margarita Island offers a very safety environment and is not affected by any political problems. 

There is enough food: delicious fresh fish, naturally ripe fruits, vegetables, mineral water, rum, beer, etc. There is not lack of anything, there is everything.

Some types of food such as cane sugar, flour, corn flour, and other have government regulated prices. As a consequence they have a high demand and sometimes are not available at supermarkets. Nevertheless, we can find enough products of this kind imported from other countries in stores. Pictures of empty supermarket shelves shown on the media are propaganda.

As regretful as it can be, as in any other part of the world, in Margarita island, crimes occurred occasionally. However, these crimes are spread on the news and many times they are taken out of the general context. Certainly, Venezuela is not the safest place on earth neither is the most dangerous. Venezuela is like any other country, with positive and negative sides.

Tourism in the country is not very well organized. Due to the exchange control and to the fact that there are several exchange rates, it is difficult for a tourist to organize his/her trip.

We help our students with everything they need. We book tickets from Caracas to Porlamar and we also offer transportation from the airport to host families. Our students are our guests and part of the family. We feel happy and honored when somebody, regardless the bad news and travel warnings made by international relation ministries of certain countries, decides to enrolled in a Spanish course in CELA, Margarita Island. More than 82 different beaches, beautiful mountain landscape and human kindness are a small sample of what Margarita Island will offer you.

We take our students from the host families to school on our van. We join them during the excursions. We make safe and fun excursions on the weekends. Our host families have been the same from many years and they frequently join us on our activities.

Margarita Island is not affected by ocasionally political demonstrations. 

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